Say Goodbye To Shaving, Painful Waxing And In-growns, FOR GOOD!

✓ Permanent Hair Reduction

✓ Spa Results From Home

✓ Cost-Effective Solution

✓ Painless

✓ Convenient And Time-Saving

Revolutionized Quartz Light For A Gentle, Pain-Free Treatment In Minutes


Featuring a cutting-edge quartz light. This innovative technology ensures a pain-free treatment by emitting gentle light pulses, absorbed by the hair follicles without harming the skin.

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Simple, Fast, Efficient

Cover full body in 15 Minutes. Results in as little as 3 weeks. No more expensive treatments, hassles of shaving or painful waxing.

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Salon Results From Home

999K Flashes Of Light

999,000 flashes, meticulously designed to target hair roots, effectively halting hair growth. This high-capacity IPL technology ensures long-lasting, salon-quality results from the comfort of your home.

4 Custom Modes

4 modes custom to the body part you want to target

5 Intensities

5 intensities for any part of your body and skin tone.


Quartz light, expertly engineered for a pain-free IPL hair removal experience. Its gentle precision ensures comfort, making at-home treatments a breeze.

Fast Results

In just 2 weeks, start noticing the results and in 4 weeks, 90% less hair density

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Introducing SleekLuv IPL

Don't Worry

Anywhere Hair Grows, SleekLuv Goes

Don't Break The Bank

Experience the convenience and longevity of the SleekLuv IPL handset, a one-time investment that delivers over 30 years of at-home hair removal treatments. Say goodbye to expensive clinic visits and save thousands annually with our efficient, no-refill, no-recharge solution. Embrace the SleekLuv IPL for permanent hair reduction anywhere on your body.




SleekLuv.....Just $55**

*Cost evaluated over 5 years
**Cost of 1 time payment